Exclusive Set Photos And Scoop - Dexter Season 9 Filming Miami Scenes In Massachusetts - 'Mr. Wiggles Playland'

Is the fictional "Mr. Wiggles Playland" located in Miami?


Last week, apart from West Townsend, 'Dexter' was filming scenes in Westford, MA as well. We didn't have any further information about the particular spot it was shooting... until now. 

According to our new, exclusive pics from the set, the production crew redecorated a local recreation center in Westford called 'One Stop Fun' and transformed it into 'Mr Wiggles Playland'.  

Read more below, and beware of spoilers!

As you can see in the image below (special thanks to our friend Paul for sending them to us!), the crew added a big creepy clown face in the main entrance, and the building was painted pink. Colorful balloon stickers were added on the windows as well.


Important detail! Notice these little palm trees and the other tropical plants outside the building? Those kinds of plants simply don't belong to a (mostly) cold place like 'Iron Lake' (upstate New York or Massachusetts) because they wouldn't survive the cold winter.


Fake snow was nowhere to be seen in the exterior. Little white stones are covering the soil around the plants, next to the building.

One Fun Stop's official website says: "We will be closed to the public and have limited office hours from May 28 to June 15 because of an "exciting special project" at the facility."

This is what this building looked like before Dexter:

Google Street View

This is the building during the Dexter shooting days:


Looks like the "Today Is Gonna Be Fun" post by writer/producer Scott Reynolds makes sense now! This set photo by Marcos Siega might be from the interior of  'Mr Wiggles Playland' as well.

Last Wednesday, a production crew member posted the following image on Instagram with caption 'Miami at Massachusetts?'

Alex R. Miller/Instagram

After the filming in the area was officially done, the building was painted to its initial white/light gray color, the creepy clown and the tropical plants were removed too.

Which 'Miami' characters are going to be involved in that scene? Could be Harrison in a flashback. Or maybe Astor's working there. Time will tell!

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