Here's A Scene That Was Cut From The Latest Episode of Dexter: New Blood ‘Runaway’!

The Audrey-Harrison scene we never saw in the actual episode.


The latest episode of Dexter: New Blood was perhaps the best episode of the season so far, at least according to the fans. Harrison was once again one of the most important characters, and had plenty of screentime. However, there was a scene that was cut from episode 5 "Runaway" which included a conversation (and a warm hug) between him and Audrey, while Olsen's helicopter was flying above them.

Around the 35th minute of "Runaway" we see Harrison walking down the streets of Iron Lake for sixteen seconds, and... that's it. Looks like the scene was supposed to include Audrey too, but for some reason they decided to entirely remove it from the episode.

In the first photo of the article you can see Angela's brash daughter pointing her middle finger at Olsen's chopper, while in the one right below, both she and Harrison are looking at it, as it flies above their heads.

During that same scene Audrey hugs Harrison.



This is not the first time a scene that was shown in promotional photos was cut from an episode. In the third one titled "Smoke Signals" (at least) three scenes were removed.

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