All The Scenes That Were Cut From The Latest Episode of Dexter: New Blood ‘Smoke Signals’!

Looks like the latest episode lasted 49 minutes... for a reason.


If you're a Dexter fan that loves seeing everything Showtime releases, from episode stills, to promos, and trailers, then you might have noticed that scenes that were shown in various "Smoke Signals" photos were removed from the actual episode!

Warning! Read the following article only if you have already seen the newest episode.

We have no clue why they decided to cut those scenes or if they're gonna be featured in the next episodes. All of the following promo images depict scenes from "Smoke Signals" and not from any other episode.

1. True-crime podcaster Molly Park and Dexter Morgan at Fred's Fish & Game

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

One of the scenes I was personally expecting to see in "Smoke Signals" is the one with Molly and Jim Lindsay at Fred's Fish & Game. A conversation between a true-crime podcaster and a former serial killer would definitely be a pleasure to watch.

Later on episode 3, during the dinner at Angela's house, Audrey said that Molly Park is in Iron Lake, and Dexter tells them she visited his store earlier that day in order to buy winter gear, a scene we never saw.

2. Debra rocking Dexter's jacket out in the woods

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Dexter is a genius, so he used Matt's orange vest in order to create a fake scent trail to distract the police dogs, and the investigation. The actual scene took place a night, but as you can see in the above images, an alternative scene was shot as well before the sun went down, and Deb was there.

3.  Dexter and ghost Deb at the incinerator

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Last but not least, the one with Deb and Dexter at the incinerator, which includes the quote we heard in various promos and trailers "Have you learned nothing?". The actual scene we saw in the final moments of episode 3 where Dexter's getting rid of Matt's dismembered body was brief, and of course his ghost step sister wasn't a part of it.

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