A Scene That Was Cut From Episode 6 ‘Too Many Tuna Sandwiches’

A dialogue between Dexter and Fred Jr. was cut from the latest episode.


In the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood "Too Many Tuna Sandwiches" we saw our favorite fictional serial killer, listening to Molly Park's podcast about the Bay Harbor Butcher and reminiscing of the good old Miami days, while at his shop Fred's Fish & Game. It looks like this scene was supposed to be longer, (as shown in various stills) but ended up being deleted from the actual episode.

The scene included a conversation between Dexter and Fred Jr. 


Dexter looks quite nervous here, so we're assuming this scene took place after he listened to the Merry Fucking Kill episode about the BHB. Earlier today, actor Michael Cyril Creighton made fun about the scene that was removed from episode six by saying the following on his Instagram:

"This moment from Dexter: New Blood ended up on the cutting room floor, but I can absolutely guarantee I was the 2nd best actor in this scene and the 1st to ask for a black cherry seltzer when they yelled cut.

Pictured here with my employee of the year, Michael C. Hall."

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