Michael C. Hall Explains Why He Thinks Dexter Morgan Isn't A Total Sociopath

Michael C. Hall reflects on Dexter Morgan's evolution.


Website Variety.com recently spoke with Michael C. Hall, Tom Hiddleston and other actors who portray famous antiheroes on television. In the interview, Michael reflected on how America's favorite serial killer has changed over the last years, stating his belief that Dexter Morgan is not a total sociopath.

"He's someone who’s been contending with the collateral damage of his behavior. If Dexter were a total sociopath, he would’ve disappeared from Miami and just continued killing. But the fact is, he hasn’t. He has some sense of responsibility that he’s taking. He’s telling himself a story about himself that is quite different from the one he was telling when we met him way back when. He does refer to himself as a monster, but an evolving monster."

He also added that Dexter is "contending with a desire to cultivate some access to purity and then a shadow desire to just completely surrender to his dark impulses in a way that he never has."


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