Michael C. Hall Talks About Dexter, Harrison, Harry's Code, And The Final Scene of Episode 4

"Opposing things are happening simultaneously for Dexter".


In a new interview with website TVLine, Michael C. Hall talked about Dexter's reaction in the final scene of "H is for Hero", and teased that it is certainly possible for Dexter to take on the role of his foster father Harry and teach Harrison 'the code', if his son does indeed, has a dark passenger of his own.

"I think that possibility is a part of the fun and the richness of that relationship. There are opposing things that are happening simultaneously for Dexter when it comes to Harrison and the dark passenger," Michael said.

"On one hand, it’s Dexter’s deepest fear that his son has the dark passenger, and on the other hand it’s his deepest wish, which makes parenting tricky."

"As is always the case with Dexter, when presented with an either-or scenario — is it this, or is it that? — it’s usually both. He’s experiencing a sense of horror and a sense of relief, and a sense of a wish being fulfilled, and a sense of the forbidden. It’s all of these things."

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