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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Behind-The-Scenes Image From Jack Alcott's Last Dexter: New Blood Scene

Alcott's final day on set was for the last scene of episode 1 "Cold Snap".

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Earlier today, executive producer and writer Scott Reynolds shared the above image from late July 2021, back when it was Jack Alcott's last day of shooting Dexter: New Blood. Ironically, his very last scene on the set was for the season premiere "Cold Snap", with Harrison and Dexter at the bus stop.

Jack Alcott recently said:"The last scene of the first episode at the bus stop was a super emotional day. I remember everyone asking me "are you going to be sad", and I was like it is definitely gonna hit me when I get home, I'll be fine this is not a big deal. Michael and I gave each other gifts, notes and stuff and we're shooting the scene and it's a great scene it's a quick scene and it floats well. We do my coverage and it goes really well, the nostalgia sort of creeping in, we're doing the last couple shots and before what we think is our last take Michael says "I love you man" and I'm like "I love you too man", we do one more take and it's great, and when Marcos (Siega) yells "alright  guys I've got everything I need, one more for you guys" and then he called "action"... then it hit me."

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

He added: "I was like oh my God, it just hit me like a train, and I instantly just tried to hold myself together. And of course I won't look at him for a big portion of that scene, and by the time he says "it wasn't always so damn cold in Miami" and by the time I turned, I already had tears streaming down my face. And I wasn't on camera so it didn't matter, and I just gave him a really big smile and then he started to get chocked up. Like, through the end of his little thing. And it was like this is totally unusual it makes no sense, for them both to be like crying... and we just hugged each other."

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