POLL: Hannah McKay Won't Return For Dexter: New Blood - Are You Happy About That?

Hannah McKay was Dexter's last love interest in the original series.


Dexter Morgan, aka our favorite fictional serial killer returns in 54 days, and the latest full trailer by Showtime revealed so many exciting things. One of them was Harrison's return. He's no longer in Argentina with Hannah, which leaves us questioning about her fate. Few months ago, Yvonne Strahovski told Andy Cohen that she "haven't heard anything about the 'reboot', so it doesn't seem that Hannah McKay is making a return". Last week, Entertainment Weekly sort of confirmed that too, in one of its latest Dexter-related articles.

Hannah was without a doubt, the most controversial character in Dexter's history. Some fans always thought her love interest with Dex was forced, others absolutely loved her, and wanted more of her. How do you feel about the fact that she won't be coming back for Dexter: New Blood? Vote in our poll below!

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