60+ Images From The Latest Official Dexter: New Blood Trailer

The official Dexter trailer was dropped on September 9.


The latest trailer for the new season of Dexter gives us a more extensive look at what we can expect when we catch up with the return of America's favorite fictional serial killer. He’s now living in the town of Iron Lake, New York as Jim Lindsay, working at a sporting-goods shop. Eventually, his good-old killer instincts kick in when his girlfriend Angela Bishop, aka the Iron Lake police chief, clues him in on a rash of missing girls.

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Almost every previously announced actor was seen in the trailer (view article here) except from actress Johnny Sequoyah who portrays Audrey, Angela's adopted daughter.

The song we hear in the trailer was Passenger by Iggy Pop. (remixed with a badass alternative piano version of the Dexter Morning Routine by Rolfe Kent).

Note: This article was supposed to be the 'trailer analysis', but unfortunately our schedule is quite busy lately. We will break down the most important parts of the video soon in seperate articles so, stay tuned!

Check out 60+ screenshots from the official Dexter: New Blood, below. Click on any of the images below for full size!

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