New Footage Breakdown - Dexter: New Blood BTS Video

Let's take a deeper look at the brand new footage from first BTS video of the season!


Dexter Morgan returns on November 7th, and Michael C. Hall, Clyde Phillips and Jennifer Carpenter tell us what to expect in the new season. This 2-minute behind-the-scenes video was uploaded on Showtime's official YouTube channel on Tuesday, but it was unlisted, meaning that you couldn't see it if you're a subscriber, or searched it. 

It was finally (officially) dropped by the network yesterday via Twitter, and we're here today to analyze it. Apart from the BTS interviews, this video offers a better look at the new season of Dexter, plus, we finally have legit footage of Deb's return as Dexter's new Dark Passenger. 

Continue reading for the full breakdown (40+ screenshots), and beware of possible spoilers!

First things first, let's start with the behind-the-scenes interviews by Michael, Clyde, and Jennifer.


Michael C. Hall:

"I'm excited to put something out there that answers some questions that have been floating around. Which essentially is... what happened to this guy?"

"The fact that Clyde along with Scott Reynolds and Marcos Siega, one our foundational directors would be coming in, gave me that sense that there was a collective appreciation for the fundamentals of the Dexter DNA."

"Dexter is in a fictional town called Iron Lake in upstate New York. He, under an alias have been able to cobble together an actual life. He can have a real life, but as you can imagine something's probably got to give."

"It's something that feels fresh and new and bold."

"People might miss the sunshine, but the snow is pretty cool too."


Clyde Phillips: 

"I'm excited to show Dexter's evolution".

"To take a show and give it a completely fresh start, a completely new look was really enticing".

"This is a man who has been working for almost a decade to change himself".

"It will be satisfying and controversial".


Jennifer Carpenter: 

"Dexter's been away for nearly a decade... what kind of monster would he be?!"

"It feels like a new dream and like a new nightmare".

The song from the latest behind-the-scenes video is called "I Am The Fire" by Ghost Monroe (2019). Hit the play button below to hear it!

Now, it's time for the footage analysis with 40 screenshots from the video.

(Click on any of the images below, for the full size)

Dexter sharpening the tools.

Dexter's warehouse.

Plastic sheets...

...and garbage bags

Dex carrying a pellet bag.

Nice cleaver!

Dexter removing the cover that protects the chopped wood.

A Police patrol car stops Dexter's truck.

Dexter looking kinda nervous here.

Let's cover those. Better safe than sorry, right?

"Is there a problem, officer?"

"I'm gonna need you to step out of the vehicle, sir." Yep, that's a flashback. We already know that Angela and Dexter are together for quite a long time.

Classic Dexter look.

BTS footage. Michael C. Hall and Marcos Siega.

More BTS footage. Ghost Deb... criticizing Dex?

Ohhhh yes! That's what we're talking about! Dexter Morgan ready to murder someone!

Dexter's cabin?

What the heck happened here?

Dexter looking worried while carrying a shotgun.

One of the few times we see Dexter Morgan smiling like that. 

This man has brought Dexter some new knives.

Dexter and Logan hanging out.

Firefighters carrying something that looks like a burned door... or window.

Dexter and his new Dark Passenger Debra Morgan in front of the incinerator.

Debra freaking Morgan!!

Dexter punching a man.

You're in trouble, young man!

The direction in this upcoming season amazing.

Stunning shot of Dexter standing in front of a campfire.

Trying to stay calm, or reminiscing the good old Miami days?

The FBI invading a house.

Looking for someone in particular.

This guy's vandalizing Dexter's cabin? This definitely looks like his cabin.

BLOOD SLIDES ARE BACK, PEOPLE! If you look closer you'll notice that the slides are improvised, unlike the ones from the previous seasons.

Really trying to figure out what's going on in this scene. The man on the top left definitely beats someone.

This man is aiming at a girl, which is running terrified. 

Dexter on his knees. He looks exchausted and... disappointed.

Staring at the camera like a boss.

You can re-watch the video right below.

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