Dexter: New Blood - Watch A Brief New Scene Featuring 'Jim' and Logan

A brand new scene from one of the upcoming episodes!


Want more Dexter: New Blood footage? We're here to whet your appetite!

On Tuesday, Showtime released a two-minute behind-the-scenes video that mostly shows Michael C. Hall, Clyde Phillips and Jennifer Carpenter discussing what to expect in the new season of Dexter. Apparently there was a brief (and funny) scene that was cut from that BTS video, featuring Dexter and new character Logan who's played by Alano Miller, at a crime scene. 

Watch it below! 

"No need to be ashamed, a lot of folks get queasy at the sight of blood!" - Logan
"It gets to me everytime!" - Jim

It is only four seconds long, and shows former blood spatter analyst Dexter Morgan pretending to be sensitive and disgusted at the sight of blood. Hit the play button to watch it!

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