Dexter Morgan Rocking A Christmas Sweater! | Dexter: New Blood - New Set Pics From May

Brand new set photos from the Grafton MA filming location!

Splintered Space/Twitter

Three months ago, Dexter: New Blood was filming in 3 Chestnut street in Grafton, MA (May 17th to May 21st) and today we have some new images from that set location. Back in late May, we posted a bunch of photos (look here, here and also here) from that house, which according to various local websites belongs to a female protagonist.

View all the images below, and beware of potential spoilers!

Michael C. Hall, Clancy Brown (Kurt) and Jack Alcott ("Randall") between takes. 

Splintered Space/Twitter

Dexter wearing a purple Christmas sweater?! This is going to be the best season ever! 😅

Splintered Space/Twitter

Same house during night shoot.

Splintered Space/Twitter


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