EXCLUSIVE: Harrison Morgan Returns! This Is The Actor Who's Going To Portray Dexter's Son In Season 9

Hello, Harrison Morgan. Find out who plays his role in season 9!

On Father's Day, Showtime released on Twitter a six-second teaser showing a photograph of everyone's favorite serial killer Dexter and his son Harrison burning in a campfire. It was undoubtedly a highly symbolic teaser that gives us a hint for what comes next. 

Will Harrison return to his father? Considering the title of this article, yes he will! Who's going to portray him? Well, it looks like his return was hidden in plain sight! 

Continue reading to find out, and... beware of spoilers!

1. Here's the actor who's gonna play Dexter's son Harrison in the new season. His face looks familiar, right? 

Showtime/Doug Burke

His name is Jack Alcott and he was one of the new actors (along with Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah and Alano Miller) that were announced on January 11th for the ninth season.

Alcott's casting announcement back in early 2021, was followed by a short character description talking about a 'meaningful encounter' between him and Dexter, as well as his character's name: 'Randall'. 

Looks like Dexter won't be the only character with a fake identity this season. DexterDaily's research based on previous set locations, 100% confirms that 'Randall' will actually be Harrison's alias/fake name in the new episodes! 

Check out (again) these set photos from Shelburne Falls, MA back on April 9th.

In this scene which is filmed outside 'Gig's Butcher Shop', Audrey who is played by young actress Johnny Sequoyah offers Randall HARRISON (Jack Alcott) a ride.

Why did they writers choose this name in particular for Harrison this season? Actually this might be the fake name Hannah gave to Harrison after she realized Dexter "died" and they both had to hide, considering she's was a fugitive. The name 'Randall' probably is a nod to Hannah's ex-boyfriend Wayne Randall who tragically died in season 7, episode 2 "Sunshine And Frosty Swirl".

Welcome back, Harrison Morgan!

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