Michael C. Hall and Showrunner Clyde Phillips Together Right After Filming Wraps

Michael C. Hall and Clyde Phillips on the 'Iron Lake P.D.' set.

Scott Reynolds

It was October 14, 2020 when Showtime officially announced what the majority of Dexter fans wanted since 2013: Another season of Dexter. 

Well, it is obviously happening, and this man on the right, Showrunner of seasons 1-4 Clyde Phillips, is one of the reasons fans are even more hyped about the comeback of America's favorite serial killer. Special thanks to EP/writer Scott Reynolds for sending us the photo!

On the same note another image like this, from director Marcos Siega. Continue reading to see it! 

"That’s a wrap. I have no words for the gratitude I am feeling." Siega said.

Marcos Siega/Instagram

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