Michael C. Hall and Dexter Crew Members Pose For A Badass Photo

"Are there body parts in here?"

Kendrick McDonald/Instagram

Earlier today, location manager Ryan B. Cook shared a cool photo from the final day on the set of Dexter: New Blood. Crew members (from left to right) Alex R. Miller, Brad Polak, Kendrick McDonald, Sam DeBlois and Jimmy, pose for a super cool Dexter-related photo, along with Michael C. Hall!

According to Cook, when taking this photo Michael asked them if there are body parts inside these garbage bags! Continue reading for more!

Ryan Cook also shared his thoughts on the difficulties the crew members had, during the last six months of shooting Dexter: New Blood:

"This one is too good not to post. The number one comment I’ve received universally from the entire crew is how great my team is and these guys are at the heart of it. Day in and day out, through snow and mud and rain, they never complained and never backed down.

I don’t know (or even want to think about) how many bags of garbage they hauled over the last 119 days, but these guys are the real deal and Dexter was lucky to have them."

Bravo guys!

Kendrick McDonald

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