Is This A Kill Room? Dexter Season 9 - 100th Day Of Filming - Set Photos

Let's take a look at some new pics from the 100th day on the set of Dexter.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter | Edited by DexterDaily

Filming for the ninth season of Dexter began in early February and on Friday, the cast and crew celebrated their 100th day on the set

Director Marcos Siega marked the milestone by posting this image, and writer/executive producer Scott Reynolds shared the above black and white image, followed by the quote: "Day 100. And what a day it is…"

What's behind this wall? Perhaps, a kill room scene, considering the camera position. See more set pics below and beware of potential spoilers!

Crew member Alex R. Miller posted the following photo during the 100th day of shooting. Blood. On a table! 

Alex R. Miller

Here's another photo from the same filming location. You can see plastic sheets and black garbage bags on the bottom right corner.

Alex R. Miller

Another image from what appears to be an office. 

Alex R. Miller

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