Luna Lauren Velez Talks Season 9 And Possible LaGuerta Return: “I Need To See All Of Dexter's Foes Come Back”

Former Dexter co-star Luna Lauren Velez shares her thoughts on the revival!


In a new interview for website ComicBookMovie, Luna Lauren Velez who portrayed Maria LaGuerta in seasons one through seven, shares her opinion on the 2013 series finale, the new season that debuts later this year, and the possibility of a Maria LaGuerta return. 

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Velez says: "I think the last season left a lot of people hungry for a better resolution. It’s great that they’re bringing it back. People really want to see something that feels more satisfying for them in terms of what becomes of Dexter. I’m not sure everyone’s okay with the serial killer just getting away with it. I have no idea what happens, but I hope it will be fulfilling [laughs]. That’s all I can say."

When the interviewer suggested it would be fun to see Dexter haunted by LaGuerta, she added: "I need to see all of his foes come back. It’s a very interesting thing to me that all the women in the show were killed. Rita, Maria, Debs...all the women died. I think they need to come back and ask him some questions. Wouldn’t that be awesome?"

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