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Friday, November 30, 2012

POLL: What Are Your Two Favorite Scenes From Episode 7.09 "Helter Skelter"?

What are your two (or more) favorite parts/moments/scenes from the latest episode of Dexter, 7.09 "Helter Skelter"? Vote them below!

PHOTOS: Aimee Garcia at AfterBuzz TV

Check out after the jump, more photos of Dexter co-star Aimee Garcia, at Maria Menounos' AfterBuzz TV. Don't forget that you can watch her whole interview here.

Dexter - Episode 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever" - Additional Promotional Photos

Three new stills from the upcoming episode of Dexter, 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever". Skip the jump, to see two more...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Desmond Harrington Is Scott Reynolds' Next Guest on the 'Wrap-Up Podcast'

After Jennifer Carpenter, James Remar, C.S. Lee, David Zayas, Daniel Licht, Yvonne Strahovski, Louis Cioffi, Romeo Tirone and Ray Stevenson, Desmond Harrington is the next guest of Scott Reynolds' 'Wrap-Up podcast' for this Sunday's episode 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever".

POLL: Did Dexter Really Mean What He Said to Hannah At the Hospital?

"When you asked me on my boat if I'd ever been scared like that, I have. Twice. When I was three seeing my mother murdered. And when I realized these past few days that I might never see you again." That's what Dexter said to Hannah at the hospital after her kidnapping. In the past seasons we saw Dex in worst situations than that: (Rita's death, Harrison's kidnapping). Did Dexter really mean what he said to Hannah, or, he said that because he wanted to test her? Vote below!

Yvonne Strahovski Talks Season 7, Broadway Debut and Complains About Her Cable Company

"I don't know if I should be ashamed to say I've never seen one or if I should be kind of proud of it," she says over coffee. "Probably a bit of both."

Yvonne Strahovski recently sat down with The Associated Press to evade questions about whether she survived season 7 of Dexter, to boast about her unusual gun skills and to complain about her cable company.

How different is this experience?
Honestly, I do feel a little bit like a fish out of water. A, I've never done a Broadway play. B, I've never seen a Broadway play. C, I'm Australian. And I'm an Australian coming in to do a classic American play that is set in the '30s. It's been challenging on all fronts.

What can you tell us about Dexter? Do you survive?
I can't reveal much. It's so hard to talk about. And I haven't even caught up with the last two episodes. My cable didn't turn on last night and I was on hold for 40 minutes with Time Warner. You should print that! I was on hold for 40 minutes and nobody answered the phone.

Were you a fan of Dexter before you landed a job on it?
I had seen bits and pieces but I had never watched episode after episode. So I actually sat down and watched all six seasons back-to-back for three weeks before I started shooting. Read the entire interview after the jump...

Dexter - Episode 7.12 "Surprise, Motherf**ker!" - Official Synopsis

Few hours ago we posted a short synopsis about the season 7 finale episode of Dexter. Check out the original one, after the jump. Read at your own risk...

New Interview With Aimee Garcia at AfterBuzz [Video]

The amazing Dexter co-star Aimee Garcia who plays Jamie Batista, talks about Dexter Season 7 and more at Watch it below!

Yvonne Strahovski on Broadway's 'Golden Boy' [First Look Photos]

First look at Yvonne Strahovski's debut on Broadway's 'Golden Boy'. See one more photo after the jump...

Dexter Season 7 Finale - Promotional Artwork

Check out the full dark photo of Dexter's new billboard we posted two days ago, from the upcoming season ender.

Dexter Season 7 Finale - Episode 7.12 "Surprise, Motherf**ker!" - Short Synopsis

Hit the 'read more' button to read a short synopsis, from the Season 7 finale episode of Dexter, "Surprise, Motherf**ker!", which airs on December 16!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Michael C. Hall on His 'Respectful' Friendship With Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter's End and More

Via: Michael C. Hall shocked fans back in January of 2010 when he revealed he was undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Three years later, Showtime’s Dexter star, with the support of his costar-turned-wife, turned ex-wife, Jennifer Carpenter, remains cancer free.

“There is a lot of cancer in my family, people who’ve gone through it, survived it, died from it,” Hall told reporters at a press conference in Beverly Hills recently. “Going through that experience maybe helped me to feel closer to some of them.”

For Hall, Dexter is a career-defining role, ironic that it should coincide with his life-threatening illness. According to him, the key to getting through it was time off for treatment.

“I had the luxury to really commit to my treatment,” revealed Hall. “I have good health insurance. Truly that makes things a lot easier.”

The 42-year-old actor began his career on the HBO series, Six Feet Under, before landing the Showtime hit, about a blood-splatter expert who moonlights as a vindictive serial killer.

Carpenter, 32, plays his sister, Deb, a cop who for a long while was unaware of her brother’s bloody proclivity. After months of dating, Carpenter and Hall were married in December of 2008 and were divorced two years later, after his cancer went into remission. They continue to play opposite each other on the show and earlier this year there were rumors of a reconciliation between the two. Read the full article after the jump...

POLL: Are You Upset About Isaak Sirko's Death?

Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson) who was definitely one of the best 'big bads' on Dexter, died on last Sunday's episode of Dexter, "Helter Skelter". Did you see that coming? Are you upset about his death? Vote below!

Producers Guild Nominations For Television - Dexter

The Producers Guild of America announced the nominations for the TV portion of the PGA Awards. All other nominations for the 2013 Producers Guild Award categories will be announced January 3, 2013, along with the individual producers. The Producers Guild Awards will be held Jan. 26, 2013, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Check out after the jump, in which category is Dexter nominated...

Jennifer Carpenter: "The Explosion In the Elevator Is Kind of What I Felt Like As An Actor"

Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter called in to Indiewire to discuss why the seventh season of "Dexter" was the toughest one yet and more.

It was refreshing seeing you in something lighthearted for a change! I'm used to seeing you investigate grisly homicides in "Dexter," or fight for you life in horrors like "Quarantine" and your breakout, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."
I’m trying to change that up a little bit. I’m trying to steer away from Deb and darkness.

Did this actually feel like a walk in the park for you, compared to what you normally do?
Honestly, yeah. It’s a lot of fun. I feel like my life has been confined a little bit by playing things in genre films and in this “Dexter” series. It’s fun to branch out a bit. I feel like I’ve held a lot of tricks up my sleeve for a lot of years, and “Ex-Girlfriends” is a good way to show another side of me.

Mind you, your character is the one that goes through the worst breakup over the course of the film.
[Laughs] With the least amount of empathy.

How did you come across this project? It’s a pretty small film.
I usually spend the hiatus of "Dexter" in New York in a way to balance things. I have friends here; I used to have a life here. So I stuck around in New York planning to run the marathon. I ran it and my manager sent me a script saying, “You want to jump on it.” I knew nothing about the budget or the cast that Alexander had invited onto the project, but I read the script and really responded to it. I thought it was smart, the structure was interesting and the dialogue left a lot of room for actors to play. I made it very clear that I was available, and five days later we were on a set together. It just took off. Read the rest, after the jump...

Dexter - Episode 7.09 "Helter Skelter" - Ratings News

On this week's ratings, episode 7.09 "Helter Skelter", was down with a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating. The episode garnered total 2.124.000 viewers.

Happy Birthday, Aimee Garcia!

Today Aimee Garcia turns 34! She was born on November 28, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. A Chicago native of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent she graduated from Northwestern University with a triple major in economics, journalism and French. Currently she's working for the new RoboCop. She also plays  the role of Yvonne on CBS' 'Vegas', and of course Jamie Batista, in Dexter! Happy bday Aimee!

Follow @Aimee_Garcia on Twitter!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Latest From Mega Buzz - Spoilers About Episode 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever"

Latest from's Mega Buzz spoiler column. Skip the jump, to read some new spoilers about this Sunday's episode of Dexter, 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever".

Jennifer Carpenter Talks About Dexter Season 7, Twitter and More [Video]

ETonline caught up with Jennifer Carpenter when she was in New York to talk about Twitter, Debra, Dexter Season 7 and more! Watch her interview below.

Jennifer Carpenter Attends "Killing Them Softly" Screening (Nov 26)

Jennifer Carpenter attends The Cinema Society with Men's Health and DeLeon hosted screening of The Weinstein Company's "Killing Them Softly" on November 26, 2012 in New York City. Hit the 'read more' button to see one more photo.

'Ex-Girlfriends' Starring Jennifer Carpenter Is Now Available on iTunes

'Ex-Girlfriends', a movie by Alexander Poe, starring Jennifer Carpenter, is now available! Click here to download!

PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall Arrives at LAX (Nov 25)

Michael C. Hall arrives at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) with his girlfriend Morgan Macgregor. See more photos, after the jump!

LOOK: Dexter Season 7 Finale - "Someone's Got It Coming" - Official Poster

"Someone's got it coming.": Here's a billboard (from Sunset Boulevard) which sees Dexter facing off against (?) Deb. It's Showtime's official promotional poster for the season 7 finale of the show which airs on December 16! Can't wait!

Post Mortem: Dexter Season 7 Episode 9 "Helter Skelter" [Open Thread]

"All I know is that when I'm with you I feel... safe". Another great episode for the seventh season is over! Action-packed, fast paced and full of surprises! Hit the jump to see DexterDaily's review in GIF form for "Helter Skelter" which was written by Tim Schlattmann and to tell us your thoughts about episode 7.09 (in case you didn't or, you have something more to add)...

Dexter Returns In the UK on CBS Action

Via: The award-winning and critically acclaimed series Dexter is coming to CBS Action this December.

Dexter season 1 introduces viewers to the unassuming Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall); a forensics expert working for the Miami police department who has a brutal addiction. After spending his days solving crimes he spends his nights committing them as he hunts down vicious murderers and brings them to justice... Dexter-style. The first season of this Emmy and Golden Globe award-nominated programme debuts on CBS Action on 5th December and will be aired weeknights at 10pm.

Chris Sharp, Chief Programming Officer at CBS Chello Zone UK Channels, said: "We are thrilled to be able to bring yet another internationally acclaimed programme to CBS Action viewers this December. Action fans will have the opportunity to get to know Dexter from the very beginning, with season 2 also airing in December but watch out; he gets under your skin!"

This announcement is followed by the expansion of CBS Chello Zone Channels into more than eighty countries across EMEA including South Africa, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. The channels are set to launch in all participating countries simultaneously on 3rd December 2012.

Dexter Season 1 premieres on CBS Action on 5th December with Season 2 premiering on 21st December.

Happy Birthday, Lauren Mayhew!

Today, Lauren Mayhew turns 27! She was born on 27 November 1985 in Tampa, Florida, and she's one of the hottest personalities on Hollywood's starriest red carpets. On Dexter she played the role of Melanie Garrett on episode 7.03 "Buck the System". Happy b-day Lauren!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dexter Season 7, Episode 9: “HELTER SKELTER” Recap & Review

CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD. After a harrowing, emotional journey through the mad land of “Argentina” in last week’s installment of Dexter, “Helter Skelter” only heightened the fresh intensity with a new landslide of action, aggression, and things once foreign becoming felt; enormously so. Propulsive at every angle, “Helter Skelter” has us slaloming our wild way down a near-cliff riddled with momentous obstacles; and, of course, we’re still too far from the ground to make out just what kind of turf we’re going to land on. With Dexter exploring his uncanny, inescapable bonds with two killers both incredibly alike and unlike himself—particularly Hannah, with whom he is becoming increasingly vulnerable—will we see a reconstruction or a deconstruction of the Dexter we know and love in the chapters to come? What are the implications of being fully alive and allowing oneself to engage with parts of the human experience once held steadily at arms’ length? If you’re still reeling from the thrill of the new ride, try to ground yourself with the mini-synopsis below, followed by an in-depth review of just what is spinning into fearsome motion with this episode and the sharp stab of a surprising double-edged sword that’s changed the nature of everything! “Helter Skelter,” here we come—whether we like it, loathe it, or find ourselves unsure of every broken shard. 

THE BREAKDOWN: As Dexter explores his humanity through the eyes of Hannah and finds himself challenged by her inquisitions into the depths of his nature—which he feels may not even exist—he is quickly awakened to his responsibilities in their togetherness when Isaak Sirko uses her as leverage in getting Dexter’s assistance in taking out two freshly-minted foes sent by the Brotherhood. Caught between a rock and a hard place and pulled back and forth between brand new crime scenes which point to the oeuvre of the “Phantom,” a killer with a flair for setting others to flame, Dexter tries to help Debra understand her feelings as she helps him secure Hannah’s safety in the midst of his precarious partnership with Isaak. LaGuerta continues to weave her way through the shadows of the system and calls former-captain Tom Matthews out of retirement as a recruit in her delicate operation of re-framing the Bay Harbor Butcher. Then, in a not-so-delicate turn of events, Quinn discovers the vengeful George’s sexual transgression against Nadia and gives him the violent piece of his mind long in the making. Love and fear drive the wild episode, as the body count stacks and as Dexter seeks to walk the tightrope of reconciling with Debra and investing in Hannah. Which love is safe? And does Dexter’s fearlessness of death cloud his fearfulness of life? What does living life in full look like… and just how helter-skelter can things get before they go over the edge? Skip the jump for more…

Dexter Wrap Up: Listen to Scott Reynolds' 9th Official Podcast Featuring Ray Stevenson

Dexter writer/producer Scott Reynolds puts it all on the table as host of the weekly post-show podcast featuring behind-the-scenes insights from the cast and crew.

In the podcast for episode 7.09 "Helter Skelter", he sits down with the amazing Ray Stevenson. Click here, to listen!

Dexter - Episode 7.09 "Helter Skelter" - Sneak Peek 3

Watch below the third sneak peek clip from last night's episode of Dexter, 7.09 "Helter Skelter". It is called "Out of My Control" and it's from the final scene.

Dexter - Episode 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever" - Sneak Peek #2

"Frustrated". Watch after the jump, the second sneak peek clip, from next week's episode of Dexter, 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever".

Dexter - Episode 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever" - Sneak Peek #1

Monsters, aliens, phantoms. Watch after the jump, the first sneak peek clip of next week's episode of Dexter, 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever".

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dexter - Episode 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever" - Promo

Watch now, the promo trailer of next week's episode of Dexter, 7.10 "The Dark... Whatever"!

POLL: What Did You Think of Dexter - Episode 7.09 "Helter Skelter"?

The ninth episode of the seventh season of Dexter, "Helter Skelter" just aired on Showtime! What did you think of it? Vote now and share your thoughts in the comment section!

2 Teasers From Tonight's Episode of Dexter, 7.09 "Helter Skelter"

The new episode of Dexter, airs in a few hours! You want two spoiler free teasers from tonight's episode? Hit the jump to read them!

Jennifer Carpenter Is the Performer of the Week According to

Jennifer Carpenter is TVLine's performer of the week, for her brilliant acting on last Sunday's episode of Dexter, 7.08 "Argentina". Let's see if 2013 will be Jennifer's year, once she was never nominated for her work on Dexter. Here's what TVLine says:

"The dicey Deb-Dex (kinda-but-not-really) incest arc resurfaced last Sunday in a major way when Deb learned that her brother refused to kill hit-woman Hannah because he was sleeping with her. That brought out the green-eyed monster in Deb and one helluva balls-to-the-wall performance from her underrated portrayer. During Deb’s confrontation with Dex, Carpenter flawlessly expressed her character’s rage, shame and disgust. “I mean it’s one thing to be in love with your brother,” she confessed, “but it’s a whole other level to be in love with your brother who’s a god damn serial killer.” It was a sensational showcase for an actress who was already enjoying the kind of season Emmy campaigns are tailor-made for."

Tonight's the Night | 7.09 "Helter Skelter"

Only four episodes left! Tonight's the night, for the ninth episode of the seventh season, "Helter Skelter". (9pm on Showtime). What are your expectations for tonight's episode? Sound off your predictions in the comment section!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dexter - 7.09 "Helter Skelter" - All About the Episode

Tomorrow night's the night, for an all-new episode of the seventh season which will be called, "Helter Skelter". Skip the jump to find all about the upcoming episode. The promo trailer, sneak peeks, promotional photos and more!

Special guest stars: Ray Stevenson and Yvonne Strahovski
Written by Tim Schlattmann and directed by Seith Mann

Jennifer Carpenter Dishes on Dexter Season 7 & Deb

A resent interview with Jennifer Carpenter, via The final 30 seconds of the Nov. 11 episode when Deb asked Dexter to take out Hannah McKay (Dexter's new love interest who is also a killer) proved a huge turning point for Deb. “I think the future for Deb is her life is finally her own and she’s not living some version of a life that [she] thinks Dexter wishes for her, or her father wishes for her," Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb, tells exclusively at the premiere of her new movie, Ex-Girlfriends, in New York City. "She’s claiming space. And as an actor, that’s really exciting."

And while this development may have seemed shocking to fans, Deb's "acceptance" may not be true "acceptance" after all. “It’s funny how people perceive it," Carpenter says. "You say starting to accept it. I’m not sure that I ever actually even lean that way." Instead, Carpenter feels that the writers are keeping Deb on her path. "I feel like it’s been an honest portrayal, it’s honored everything that we’ve said is true about the character," she says. "I’m grateful that we haven’t lied to the audience or suddenly made changes to make it more convenient for the writing.” Read the rest after the jump...

Happy Birthday, Colin Hanks!

Today, Colin Hanks turns 35! Born Colin Lewes Hanks on November 24, 1977 Hanks' best known film role may be in the teen movie Orange County (2002), with Jack Black and Dexter's John Lithgow. His best known television role was Alex Whitman, the love interest of Katherine Heigl in the science fiction series Roswell between 1999 and 2001. Last year he played the villain of the sixth season of Dexter, Travis Marshall. Happy bday Colin!
Photo credit: Showtime

Friday, November 23, 2012

POLL: What Are Your Two Favorite Scenes From Episode 7.08 "Argentina"?

What are your two (or more) favorite parts/moments/scenes from the latest episode of Dexter, 7.08 "Argentina"? Vote them below!

VIDEO: Michael C. Hall Reveals: "Some Characters Do [Spoiler] - I Won't Say Who"

Watch below, Michael C. Hall's interview for CTV's eTalk. He talks about Season 7, Season 8 and he reveals that some characters will be back! Any guesses?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

POLL: What Did You Think of Astor & Cody's Return?

Few months ago, it was revealed that Astor (and Cody) will be back on Dexter, for episode 7.08 "Argentina". We had to see them since the season 5 finale, and they both changed a lot! What did you think of their return on the show? Vote below!

VIDEO: Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter Season 7 [French Interview]

Michael C. Hall talks about Dexter Season 7 and teases the Final Season of the show. Watch his new interview below (after the 8th minute).

''I'm Thankful for Dexter!'' - Thanksgiving Scene

Happy Thanksgiving! We're posting the following video for third year in a row. A great moment (and an awesome one) from the fourth season of Dexter, and one of our favorite episodes ever. 4.09 "Hungry Man". Which season, episode, character of Dexter, are you thankful for?

Scott Buck Talks Deb's Admission to Dexter: "It's a Freeing Moment For Both of Them"

Via:, by Natalie Abrams: Every season of Dexter has been about its titular serial killer trying really hard to keep his secret. This year, however, it's his sister Deb who has a secret: Not only does she love her brother, but she's in love with him. (As she said, he's the serial killer, and she's more messed-up!) Well, that secret is finally out, so now what comes next?

How will Deb's admission change their dynamic? "I think it's very helpful for Debra because she's not someone who has characteristically kept secrets and it's been a huge burden for her to be carrying this inside herself, so just to finally get it out in the air, for her, is a way to begin to move past it, to put it behind her," showrunner Scott Buck tells

"As awkward and as unfortunate as that moment is, it is actually sort of a freeing moment for both of them because I think they understand each other a lot better now and are able to take this information and begin to move past this to a better relationship." Read the rest, after the jump...

PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall and Morgan Macgregor In Paris, France (Nov 21)

Michael C. Hall and his girlfriend, Morgan MacGregor, were spotted yesterday, strolling around Paris. See two more photos below. (Click to enlarge).

Happy Birthday, Josh Cooke!

Today Josh Cooke turns 33! Born Joshua Gregory Cooke in Pennsylvania in November 22, 1979, he studied his craft at Playhouse West (Los Angeles), UCLA, and with such renowned coaches as Ann Reinking, Lesly Kahn and Gregory Hines. Has been recognized for his acting work with such awards as the James Pendleton Foundation Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Performance and the Judith & Milton R. Stark Scholarship. On Dexter he played the role of Louis Greene until episode 7.03 "Buck the System". Happy b-day Josh!
Photo credit: Showtime