Scott Buck Talks Deb's Admission to Dexter: "It's a Freeing Moment For Both of Them"

Via:, by Natalie Abrams: Every season of Dexter has been about its titular serial killer trying really hard to keep his secret. This year, however, it's his sister Deb who has a secret: Not only does she love her brother, but she's in love with him. (As she said, he's the serial killer, and she's more messed-up!) Well, that secret is finally out, so now what comes next?

How will Deb's admission change their dynamic? "I think it's very helpful for Debra because she's not someone who has characteristically kept secrets and it's been a huge burden for her to be carrying this inside herself, so just to finally get it out in the air, for her, is a way to begin to move past it, to put it behind her," showrunner Scott Buck tells

"As awkward and as unfortunate as that moment is, it is actually sort of a freeing moment for both of them because I think they understand each other a lot better now and are able to take this information and begin to move past this to a better relationship." Read the rest, after the jump...

Dexter's immediate reaction was an apology, but that doesn't mean his "I'm sorry" closes the book on these two kids making a go of it. (And is it weird that we're rooting for that to happen now?) "I think it's him saying, 'I'm sorry that I'm so overwhelmed by this and I have no idea what to say or do,'" Buck says. "I don't think that will be completely closed until the series is over."

No matter how you feel about Deb and Dexter getting together, there's no denying that Carpenter's performance has been powerful, which has sparked Emmy talk. "She certainly deserves it and we're going to do everything we possibly can because she's been fantastic this year," Buck says.

It helps that the writers infused some levity into that awkward moment. "This particular season has been a little bit harder to find humor at times," Buck says. "It's been a little bit darker and heavier than some of our past seasons because it is the two people we care the most about dealing with such difficult issues, but in scenes like that, yes, it's a real nice tension breaker to have something like that in the middle of the scene. It's very real as well."

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