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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dexter - Episode 7.01 "Are You...?" - Casting Call

The casting call for the season 7 premiere episode of Dexter, 7.01 "Are You...?", about 8 new characters. (Spoilers). Click the below to read more...

[GEORGE NOVIKOV] 30s to 40s. Russian heritage but American born, so no accent. Tough, aggressive, possibly a little overweight but imagines he is "all that". Basically, he's just not a good guy. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[VIKTOR KAREV] 30s, handsome, well dressed, stylish, slight Eastern European accent. He is a polished businessman who can get his hands dirty when he has to. GUEST LEAD.

[DET. ANGIE MILLER] 30s, African American. Attractive, straightforward, she is a divorced mother of two who has no time for nonsense, so she simply goes about her job at Miami Metro Homicide. MAJOR RECURRING CO-STAR ROLE.

[YOUNG DEXTER] Dexter (Michael C. Hall) at 9 years old. Reddish-brownish hair and brown eyes. 2 Speeches and 6 lines/3 scenes.

[YOUNG DEBRA] Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) at 5 years old. Long brown hair and hazel green eyes. 2 Speeches and 2 lines/3 scenes.

[TICKET AGENT] 30s, Caucasian, female. She is a ticket agent at an airport. 1 Speech and 2 lines/1 scene.

[BLACK-HAIRED STRIPPER] Mid 20s to early 30s and with a thick Russian accent. She is a stripper at a Miami strip club. 2 lines/1 scene.

[EVIDENCE CLERK] Female, Latina, 30s to 40s. She works in evidence at Miami Metro Homicide. 1 line/1 scene.

Source: SpoilerTV & IMDb


  1. So there is 2 new guys and one of them seems to be like a bad guy and 1 new female detective ..... looks interesting :D

  2. Finally some real and concrete S7 news,

    What can we deduce from all this new info then?

    So we're obviously getting flashbacks of Dex and Deb's childhood, my money is on it either being Deb curling up at her brother's bedside just to feel safe (like she said during therapy)... or more likely it will be Deb's flashback, remembering finding Dexter skinning an animal or doing something disturbed, a memory which she could have suppressed.

    It could be interesting if they mirror Deb's character in S7 on Dexter's in S1. In S1 Dexter was getting flashbacks from his childhood and was trying to piece it together to understand what it meant. I think perhaps in S7 Deb will start getting flashbacks of her childhood, suppressed memories etc which will come to explain why Dexter does what he does, and that Harry played a large part in bringing him up to be a killer. Knowing who Dexter really is will allow her to see her whole childhood in a new light, why Harry always seemed to prefer Dexter etc.

    Also, the ticket agent at the airport.. perhaps either Dexter or Deb are going to try and make a run for it. Dexter could be about to go on the lam thinking Deb is about to turn him in, or maybe Deb just can't handle what she's seen so tries to get away from Miami. Either way, I can imagine one chasing the other to the airport trying to stop them leaving for good.

    And as for the recurring guest star and guest lead characters, some kind of eastern european organised crime syndicate type deal perhaps? It seems a little cliche to wheel out the Russian mobsters though.

    I do think that whoever the 'big bad' is, whether its one person or a group of people like S5, I think they will eventually serve the purpose of reconciling Deb to Dexter's way of doing things. Perhaps our 'big bad' will be a mob boss that is caught at some point during the season however because he's got mafia connections, he continues to run things and order brutal killings from inside his cell. Perhaps Deb will realise that the only way to stop the killing is for her to find a way to spring him from jail and have Dexter do his thing.

    The new detective sounds like an interesting addition.. my guess is she will be someone's replacement, which could mean perhaps they'll do away with a regular in episode 1.

    Another possibility would be for them to start 6/12 months after the S6 finale, Deb has become a missing person because after she saw what she saw she just had to get away from Miami. Angie Miller could have been hired as her replacement with Batista in the lieutenants seat. Quinn would of course suspect Dexter of being involved with Deb's disappearance since he knows he killed Liddy and also suspects that he killed Rita. It would be interesting to start a year after the season 6 finale, Dexter is a mess without Deb, and is being investigated by Quinn as a suspect in her disappearance. Then through the course of the first episode Dexter has to locate Deb for his own sanity and to prove he didn't kill her.

    I can't believe how much rubbish I've just typed. That's what chain drinking espressos will do to a person I guess. Apologies!

  3. New detective in Miami Metro? Who's gonna leave? I bet Mike Anderson.

  4. MUCH better spoiler than the last. Thank you (!) This helps the cravings a bit....

    ---OK Angie Miller is the replacement for the major recurring character who bites the dust (as we heard previously). So the one who gets it is working at Miami Metro. Angie sounds *a bit* like La Guerta so my dreams may come true with this one, i.e. "kill the bitch off." But then Quinn or Batista could do something stupid and get themselves killed (cos they've been on the stupid trail for a bit). I'm thinking it's one of those 3.

    ---Young Dex & Deb for their flashback which I hope will have some type of sweet, lovey tone to it.

    ---George Nokikiv (bad guy) is connected to the Russian stripper. If he's a recurring guest star then he may be the new killer that Dexter has his eye on. Viktor Karev, another Russian so he's in this mess too.

    ---Ticket agent role so maybe we see a Russian coming to a Miami airport.

    ---None of these are named Hannah, and that's the name they gave for the new dangerous woman in Dexter's life. So she comes in later.

    1. The 'spoiler' about a main character being killed off was an April Fool's joke (they updated it):

  5. It is high time, some interesting and negative characters have made impact.

  6. @ at adam...Quinn didnt know who killed liddy...and for him to investigate dexter again is so cliche...he did it once, that would be pointless to do it again...dont forget people...we still have to figure out where Louis pans out in this guess, a dexter protege, but nothing like prado, or lumen....

  7. I think Louis is out to get Dexter! He was furious when Dexter shot down his video game idea and I think the hand being sent to him was some sort of sick warning. ;)