Dexter - Episode 6.09 “Get Gellar” - Review

Dexter “Get Gellar” Season 6 Episode 9 Review by We get right into Dexter “helping” Travis track down Gellar. You might argue that the best way to hunt down Gellar would be for Dex to turn him in and share all his evidence with Miami Metro, but whatever. Speaking of Miami Metro, they’re still plugging along the DDK case from their own angle, which involves a new lead in the form of a blog post from Gellar talking about Dexter being a false prophet. When Quinn doesn’t show up to the briefing, Batista goes looking for him and finds out that he left his gun and cell phone with a stripper he was with last night. In case you were thinking that Quinn’s downward spiral was going to resolve itself anytime soon, think again. Not only is he turning into one of the most unlikable characters on the show, but now he’s bringing Batista down with him. I was not a fan of Batista flashing his gun to Louis last week, but now that he’s rolling around in the grass punching Quinn in front of a mom walking her kid he’s getting more and more frustrating. I’ve always liked Batista, so I’m not sure why they’re turning him into an overprotective crybaby. Read more after the jump below...

I’m not sure what it says about the degrading quality of Dexter that the minor story lines of the show are the ones that I’m enjoying the most, but that’s definitely the case these days. I know that Deb has never been a particularly popular character with some fans, but her ongoing therapy story is getting better and better. Many viewers predicted that her time with the therapist would lead to some realizations about Dexter that she’d never had before, and that certainly seems to be where they’re going. I hope this story gets sped up and actually has some sort of a payoff, as they’re just devoting too much time to this story to just have Deb get all upset and walk away from her sessions. I’m also enjoying that Deb is going to re-open the call girl case, and I thought it was a neat little reveal to find that Captain Matthews was the one who is trying to get it covered up. It’s an effective way to use a minor character, so we’ll see where this goes.

The other little story I quite enjoyed getting a much needed shot in the arm was that of Louis and Jamie. I’ve mostly enjoyed their courtship up to this point, except for Batista’s obnoxious gun-flash last episode, but I find them both very sweet and sincere. This made it all the more powerful when we find out that not only is Louis a pretty rich game developer, but that he actually spent some of that money in purchasing the hand from the ITK case! I really hope this goes somewhere interesting with Louis’ character, and that he doesn’t just go “Hey, I thought it’d be a cool souvenir!”

Finally, we get to the big reveal that everybody saw coming: Travis and Gellar are the same people! I really can’t think of a worst kept secret of a plot point in all of television history. There were legions of Dexter fans making this prediction from episode one, and unfortunately they were right all along. Unless we’re in for some sort of switchback in the coming episodes, where we find out that the Gellar body in the freezer is a fake or something like that, I guess we just have to come to terms with this poor story device being a reality. It looks like we have our answer to why Showtime withheld screeners of this episode! We already knew what was going to happen!

I’m not saying the whole season is ruined for me or anything, but a lot of the mystique of the DDK case has completely evaporated. Just when I was actually starting to enjoy Edward James Olmos’ performance, it looks like his role will be diminished in the weeks to come.


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  1. Why does everyone bitch about the big reveal? The writers have been dropping hints to us (the audience) that Gellar may not have been real from really early on this season. It's similar to season 1 where we knew Rudy was the ITK but Dexter didn't connect the dots until episode 11.

    How is this any different? We all knew Gellar was probably Travis's dark passenger. Dexter didn't. The reveal was for Dexter more than it was for us. It also adds more to the parallels between Dexter and Travis. They are very similar. Brian was to Dex as Gellar is to Travis. A dark passenger who makes them do very bad things.

    I think what the writers are trying to show us is that Dexter could easily be just like Travis, except he has the code. The moment the code is gone from his life, he'd be a threat to everyone around him, even more so than he is already.

    Maybe I should start reviewing TV shows. Unlike the person above, I am smart enough to read between the lines and get the deeper meaning of it all.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I would like to add that they did a pretty good job with the reveal. I was worried that the writers were going to think that this reveal would carry this season. However, the latest twists with Louis and Matthews were certainly refreshing. Louis is become very interesting.

  3. Definitely agree with the first poster. No way that this is the big reveal. Something else is going to have to happen in this particular storyline.

    I'm interested in where the Louis storyline is heading. I think it'd be kinda cool if he ended up becoming a big time character and finds out about Dexter and they go head to head or something. He's a real smart guy so it would make for interesting TV if he and Dexter has to battle it out.

  4. I would like to know who Dexter saw walk into the building during the elevator scene! The ghost of Geller?

  5. The intetnet helped most people figure the twist out...most of my friends who don't stick to messageboards didn't really see it coming at all or until recently. With the internet boards, people would have pegged Rudy as the , the very first second he appeared. LOL.

  6. Does anyone else think that Louis could have something to do with the DDK killings? Twice now (once with the four horsemen, and once with the bowls of wrath) Dexter has alluded that DDK is taking notes out of his brother’s playbook. We now know that Louis could either have a collector’s eye for serial murderer artifacts, or there is more to him. Which leads me to question the real motives for Louis to be an intern in homicide. Doing research for your new game is a lame excuse and even more lame for Masuka to take him on. I mean, sure, he’s been helpful with the “techy” stuff…but I feel like there is more to it. Not to mention that he idolizes Dexter..AND is the search engine he suggested to Dexter a legit search engine, or one that Louis developed to track Dexter’s keystrokes? Does Louis know who/what Dexter really is?

  7. I personally liked the reveal as, i actually didnt realise Travis and Gellar where the same person, until looking at and reading other peoples comments/theories...

  8. So ... was Gellar dead from the BEGINNING (which would be complede stupidity) or Travis killed him at the end of this episode and carried his body down to the freezer where Dex found it minutes later?

    I mean... if it turns out Gellar was dead ALL ALONG it'll be idiotic. What, now all of a sudden every serial killer has his Dark Passenger ghost?

  9. I don't understand why they don't just get a person who is actually a fan of the show to do the reviews. It'd be nice to read without all the condescending "I could write better TV than this but I just do reviews instead" remarks.

    But anyway, Gellar has been dead this entire time. If you go back and watch from S06 E01, it's rather obvious because the only person who interacts with him is Travis. That being said, I didn't even pick up on this until E08 last week! When I rewatched the episodes it was clear as day. I can't wait to see what all of this is leading up to!

  10. Completely disagree with the first poster here. This was writing at its most juvenille form. The writers did NOT want the audience to know Gellar was fake and for only DEXTER to find out in episode 9. Thats when they expected US to find out too. They drew in an incredibly intelligent audience in the first few seasons mostly based on Dexter's problem solving and deduction techniques and then completely insulted that audience with this 9 episode long charade about Gellar. It may not have been clear in episode 1 that he wasn't there, but by episode 3 it was obvious.

    What makes the Gellar matter even WORSE is that ifi they do somehow twist it that Gellar was alive for say....6 episodes, or 7 or 8 or 9 (up until near the end of 9) then what was the purpose of all those OVERT hints that he wasn't real? To trick us into believing something that wasn't true? What the hell sense does that make

    As for the Gellar/Brian Travis/Dexter comparisons, they are completely off base. Dexter KNOWS Brian and Harry are dead. Travis is a schizophrenic. and Brian was actually ALIVE when he was a big-bad. He actually did the things in season 1. Or.... oh wait.... No, nevermind. In S6E10 they're gonna reveal that Brian was just in Dexter's head and Dexter was the ITK!!!

  11. I agree with the first and majority of Anonymous here. I bet there are alot more fans who did not see this coming, who stayed away from blogs. Even on this blog I remember reading a post a few weeks ago that stated-Gellar isnt real/dead? I didnt think of that? (ok paraphrasing). I think it was great for us fans to discuss this topic on blogs/recap sites. So if you figured it out on E1, Kudos/Great for you! Its kind of immature to get upset and blame writers of "trickery". C'mon you think the writers were in the creative room saying: NO ONE in the world will ever see this coming! hahaha. I dont think so. For me there is more to this reveal than just Gellar being dead the whole time. I think it was genius to show us how someone else deals with their dark passenger! The contrast to Dexter. I love it.

  12. These reviews are always better written (but not necessarily more favourable towards the show) than the one's posted on this site

  13. @Anonymous 2:05 PM. WTF are you talking about? Do you ever review what you write? Anyway, i agree with most of you. If i didn't visit this blog and read all these comments i would never find out that Gellar was actually dead from the beginning. And i'm sure that this revelation it's just the beginning of the "chaos" we are about to see unraveling on the next episodes.

  14. "As for the Gellar/Brian Travis/Dexter comparisons, they are completely off base. Dexter KNOWS Brian and Harry are dead. Travis is a schizophrenic. and Brian was actually ALIVE when he was a big-bad. He actually did the things in season 1. Or.... oh wait.... No, nevermind. In S6E10 they're gonna reveal that Brian was just in Dexter's head and Dexter was the ITK!!!"

    I was comparing Brian's appearance THIS SEASON to Travis/Gellar. I figured that was obvious to anyone with half a brain.

    You can disagree with me all you want, but I am right and you are wrong as evidenced by all the people who agreed with me in the replies.

    Now take a hike and go watch Glee or something.

  15. @Anonymous 2:05...They did the same thing with the ITK reveal. Viewers knew...Dexter did not. Seeing as the writers have already said that they are going back to a season 1 approach to writing, I think your assumptions are wrong. This show is known for its writing...I am sure they thought this one through.

    For those people that didn't see it coming because they most likely watch Dexter alone and never talk about it with a fellow viewer, that's even more exciting. But they are the exception in this case...

    Before you get overly critical, watch how the rest of the season plays out. I'm pretty sure we're in for a big surprise coming up.

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