Dexter - Episode 6.10 “Ricochet Rabbit” - Promo

The first promo of next week's episode of Dexter, 6.10 "Ricochet Rabbit". Click the link below to see it...

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  1. I've watched every episode of Dexter at least twice and I can't remember when Deb finds out that Rudy/Brian is Dexter's brother. When the hell was this revealed?

  2. Rob, I was thinking the same thing. I was shocked when Deb said that.

  3. Deb found out that Rudy/Brian is Dexter's brother back in Season 4!!

  4. in season 4 right after the police raid trinity's house

  5. @Robu, u obviously havent watched it enough dude, or paid much attention, cos it is a pretty big reveal in 4.12 'The Getaway'

  6. Yea that was a huge scene. Dexter intones that Brian came after Debra to get at him, and that he has brought bad into her life, and she gets all mad at Dexter and tells him that he has only brought good in her life.

    And then she tells him "I love you"

    And Dexter can only answer back with an "I'm grateful"

    Sometimes you just wanna smack the guy! LOL

  7. Ah. My fault. I guess the Rita scene kinda made all that an afterthought.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Ready to find out what happens to end this season. Deb better find out or something drastic.

  8. RobU

    I was back and forth with Deb finding out this year at the beginning of the Season. But after all these revelations, and all this confrontation with her brother, and all the therapy...

    It would be absolutely retarded and a huge waste of our time and this season if she didn't.

    Just sayin...

  9. If Deb finds out that Dexter is a killer at least a season in advance it would really kill the dynamic of the show. It would lead to Deb following dexter which im sort of sick of. U had Doakes following Dexter for 1.5 seasons. Then u had Quinn and liddy in season 4. and if Deb starts getting hints then its gonna be her as well. Bleh im sick of dexter stalkers which is y im enjoying this season more.

    Let her find out at the end of the 7th season since the 8th season is supposed to be the last. And let 8 be the beginning of Debra trying to find out what to do.

    In any case i have no idea how this season is going to end.

  10. Sorry I can't see Deb stalking him. That would just be a spew in the face of everything that happened before.

    The writers have no other choice than to have her accept it, and then it eventually starts getting to her.

  11. in the book, Deb knows and also, she is married to dokes..he lost his legs in an explosion...LOL but as close as she gets on the show, I'm not sure i want her to 'really' know, just think it, feel it but not prove it.

  12. Deb is not married to Doakes in the books, she is not married to anyone. She had a boyfriend named Kyle Chutsky who once served with Doakes on CIA missions in El Salvador.

    Kyle ditched Debra, after Brian (Dexter's brother - who is still alive in the books) showed up Kyle by being the one who saved Deb and Dexter from the crazy Mrs. Acosta and her vampire cult lackeys via double barreled shotgun! Deb was pregnant at the time - she tried to find Kyle but he "vanished" and Deb ended up becoming a single mother.

    Right after that was when Dexter gifted Deb with the single most bizarre baby shower gift in human history = The blood slide he took from killing Bobby Acosta, a whack job that Deb asked Dexter to put on his table.

    I know the books are different but they do use a LOT of stuff from the later books in the show still. Like Deb's crazy press conference, or Deb becoming a hero and being on Youtube, and those were some of the best bits of season 6

    So I hope they go with the way Deb handles "knowing" in the books. How she gets all wound with what her brother does, and how she has do cover for him, and is always checking in with him to make sure he is following Harry's code. And what a "relief" it is for Dexter to be able to share his life and tell his secrets to his sister, after the initial weirdness.

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