Dexter Season 6 Episode 11 "Talk to the Hand"

According to SpoilerTV, the penultimate episode of Season 6 will be called "Talk to the Hand".

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  1. Perhaps it has something to do with the intern stealing the evidence from the Ice Truck Killer case?

  2. is it true the season finale is called Electric Chair or someone make that up

  3. I saw that on IMDB. I saw another post on Spoiler TV that listed Season 6's final ep's title as "Here's How the World Ends".

  4. The final episode in Season 6 will be called "This is the Way the World Ends"
    SPOILER ALERT: I thought I would mention this because there have been numerous rumors going around, but Louis who is Batista's sister's new boyfriend will be brought back in Season 7 as a victim for Dexter. Also, Louis is the one who lied to Masuka claiming he couldn't get the Ice Truck Killer's hand back, but he actually has it. Dexter doesn't pay much attention to him until the most recent episode "Ricochet Rabbit" when Batista's sister (Harrison's nanny) has Louis sitting in Dexter's house because he came to pick up Batista's sister early. After a few minutes, Louis proceeds to show Dexter a new video game Louis created where the player can be the serial killer. Louis wants Dexter's acceptance, but Dexter turns down his game claiming it's a bad idea. Louis' infactuation wiht Dexter is a bit extremem, but writers left the story open for Louis inciting that he will be a problem or related (character wise, not like brothers) to Dexter in some way.

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