Dexter - 6.04 "A Horse of a Different Color" - Recap #3

Recap by Alex Moaba - AolTV: The latest episode of 'Dexter' was visually disgusting, and in true 'Dexter' fashion, surprisingly fun. There's a unique viewing pleasure in watching the Miami Metro Homicide Unit clicking like a well-oiled investigative machine, uncovering leads and consulting religious texts to track a serial killer. Eventually, of course, Dexter will work just as hard to figure out a way to throw his colleagues off the scent so he can serial kill the serial killers at the final moment, but for now, the Doomsday Killers have been nicknamed and the hunt to crack their bizarre mythology is on.

'A Horse of a Different Color' opened in the aftermath of the chilling chopped-up jogger horse-corpse parade, with the crime scene looking like a demented petting zoo on the Island of Dr. Moreau. Fortunately, new detective Mike Anderson seems well versed in 'The Da Vinci Code' and quickly cracked the biblical code, connecting the religious imagery to the four horsemen of the apocalypse from the Book of Revelations.

This latest murder and the snakes-in-the-stomach fruit stand case were clearly connected by a shared insignia, and as Dexter & co. compare the two cases, clues begin to mount. Dexter finds a piece of paper with the number '1242' lodged in the dead jogger's eyeball and one that says '1237' in the other victim's intestines. He observes that like the numbers, the murders happened five days apart. Read the full recap by clicking the link below...

Masuka finds traces of oxidized iron in the jogger's wounds, which raises the possibility that the killer is using an ancient artifact for the killing ... perhaps a sword that was stolen from the University of Tallahassee, where a religion professor named Gellar went missing three years ago?! Precisely.

 And how do we know that? Because, taking a page from the Scooby Doo school of crime-solving, Quinn and Batista smoked a J in while on a wild goose chase for apocalypse-obsessed murder suspects and tracked down a lead on Gellar. Apparently smoking weed does enhance crime-solving abilities. Meanwhile, things somehow managed to get creepier between Travis and the Professor. Travis continues to seem half-normal, and goes out with a waitress named Lisa. Gellar is displeased with this non-murder related extracurricular activity, and spies on them having sex before tying her and up and telling Travis that she'll be their next victim. As mentors go, this Gellar character really runs a tight ship.
The next time we see her, this poor girl is tied to a booby-trapped, Rube Golderberg-y cross in a green-house surrounded by dead fish, wearing a spiked metal collar. Deb, Dexter and the gang burst in, but someone hits the trip-wire, and after a metal ball falls down a chute, the noose tightens around her neck and her jugular vein is cut in front of the horrified cops. And then hundreds of locusts then start buzzing in a locked cabinet. Through all the craziness, Dexter notices Travis gawking outside the crime scene, looking brainwashed, and notes that he looks suspicious. It was yet another eventful episode in Dexter's quixotic journey towards spirituality, with Brother Sam serving as his friend and personal shaman. After Harrison gets sick and requires emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix, Sam comes to the hospital to provide support. They bond over having domineering fathers who were both into murder and taught them brutal codes to live by. At one point Dexter breaks down and feels helpless enough to plead with god to keep Harrison safe ... a classic Emergency Room conversion.

Dexter also starts talking to Brother Sam about the Doomsday Killer case, and Sam provides some insight, saying a warped religious code could justify anything. I have a feeling it won't be long before Dexter is enlisting Sam for bible interpretations to crack the case and figure out the Professor's next move.

Onto the latest gossip from Miami Metro. The jealousy and game-playing between Deb and La Guerta continues. La Guerta beams as Deb gaffes in front of the press, after she pushed her into addressing the media without her prepared remarks. But instead of getting in trouble, Matthews praises Deb for being a "spark-plug" who drops F-bombs on the news.

Sadly, Vince finds out that his hot intern Ryan stole the Ice Truck Killer's victim's hand and sold it on eBay. He realizes she's been using him and tells her to leave. Sadly, he never got laid out of the ruse, but I'm guessing we might see her again. She seems far too weird to only be in it for the money.

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