Young Masuka Meets 'Old' Masuka: Watch C.S. Lee & Alex Shimizu Practice Masuka's Notorious Laugh Together!

Watch the epic video!

Over a week ago, Showtime revealed four new series regulars for "Dexter: Original Sin." Among the new actors is Alex Shimizu, who will portray the younger version of Vince Masuka in the upcoming prequel spinoff.

Alex, who just returned to Los Angeles from Miami where he filmed several exterior scenes with Patrick Gibson (Dexter) and Molly Brown (Debra), recently teased his followers with a Dexter surprise.

The surprise turned out to be a meet-up with the original Masuka actor, C.S. Lee. The two met last night in L.A., hung out, and had a few drinks.

They delighted Dexter fans by sharing photos of themselves side by side and posting a video on their personal social media accounts where they practiced Masuka's infamous 'perverted' laugh together. Hit the play button below to watch the video!

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