Two All-New Miami Metro P.D. Characters to Expect In Dexter: Original Sin, Plus Deb's Best Friend

Which two actors will join Patrick Dempsey at Miami Metro?

The cast and crew of Dexter: Original Sin have returned to Los Angeles to complete filming the rest of the 10-episode season, which will primarily take place in a studio. This spinoff, set in 1991 Miami, explores a young Dexter's transformation into an avenging serial killer and has already cast eight actors.

The actors portraying the younger versions of familiar characters include Patrick Gibson as Dexter, Christian Slater as Harry, Molly Brown as Deb, Alex Shimizu as Masuka, James Martinez as Batista, and Christina Milian as LaGuerta.

Reno Wilson will play a new character named Bobby Watt, while Patrick Dempsey, the latest addition to the Dexter prequel, will portray Aaron Spencer, the Captain of Miami Metro Homicide. Both characters will be close friends and colleagues of Harry Morgan.

These two new Miami Metro characters were hinted at long before Dexter: Original Sin was officially confirmed by Showtime. In a late March article from That Hashtag Show (which we shared on Dexter Daily and initially marked as a rumor), it was reported that five new characters would appear in the prequel. The casting of Aaron Spencer and Bobby Watt essentially confirms these rumors, with the actors for the remaining characters expected to be announced soon.

Let's take a look at the two new Miami Metro characters:

1. Clark Sanders (Latino, in his 20s)

Clark is a young cop assigned to Miami Metro Homicide.

2. Tanya Martin (African American, in her 30s)

Tanya is the forensics chief working with Harry Morgan's team at Miami Metro.

Bonus! A new non-Miami Metro character, who will be a close friend of Deborah:

Sofia (Latina, 17 years old)

Sofia is Deb's best friend and volleyball teammate. She's described as a troublemaker.


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