POLL: What Do You Think of the Casting Choices For Batista, LaGuerta & Masuka In the Prequel?

The younger versions of three iconic Miami Metro characters are here!

On June 5th, just before production of Dexter: Original Sin began in Miami, Showtime revealed the rest of the series regulars for the prequel series. Three of them are younger versions of Angel Batista, Maria LaGuerta, and Vince Masuka. Both Batista and LaGuerta will be detectives at Miami Metro, while Masuka will be a forensic analyst.

The new Angel Batista is played by actor James Martinez. Maria LaGuerta is portrayed by Christina Milian, who is quite famous, as evidenced by her large following on Instagram. Young Vince Masuka will be played by Alex Shimizu.

What are your thoughts about Showtime's latest casting choices for the supporting series regulars of the prequel? Cast your votes in our poll below!

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