Latest Original Sin Teaser Confirms the Actual Date the Series' Events Begin?

F A X T E R.

On Thursday, Showtime and Paramount+ revealed the latest casting addition to the upcoming Dexter prequel, which takes place in 1991, fifteen years before the original series. Grey's Anatomy veteran Patrick Dempsey is another major star that has joined Dexter: Original Sin in a series regular role.

As usual, the reveal happened through a retro-looking teaser, similar in style to the previous ones about the three actors who will portray the Morgans. The only change is that instead of computer screens or whiteboards, there was a fax machine (a revolutionary device back in the day) with an incoming fax paper revealing the name of Dempsey and the character he's going to portray: the Captain of Miami Metro Homicide.

If you look closely at the teaser, you'll notice the cool "Faxter" pun, as well as another Easter egg: the date at the top of the paper, which is Friday, 10 May 1991 (not in the American date format for some reason).

Could May be the actual month when the events of the Dexter: Original Sin prequel begin? It is highly likely, considering that in teasers like this one, nothing is included at random. 

A reminder that in the Patrick Gibson teaser which was released on May 23rd, the numbers 06-05 (June 5th) on a beeper, indicated the date the show began filming in Miami.

Patrick Dempsey's role as Aaron Spencer, has a decades-long relationship with Harry Morgan played by Christian Slater.

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