Greetings From Miami: A Closer Look at Showtime's Cryptic Dexter: Original Sin Teaser

A closer look at the hints in the latest Miami postcard teaser.

What a day, huh? Four new cast members were announced today for the highly anticipated Dexter prequel, just in time for the filming that kicked off today in Miami.

On the occasion of the production start, Showtime released the image above on all their social media accounts, showing a retro postcard from Miami. The image appears to be from Harry's desk at Miami Metro, and there are lots of hints that confirm this. Let's start breaking down the image, beginning with the top left corner.

1. "Control"

Starting from the top left corner, we can't help but notice the only keyboard button that Showtime purposely shows in the image. The Control or CTRL button is a direct hint at Harry's control and manipulation over his son Dexter. He's the one who created "The Code" to channel Dexter's bloody urges and use them against people who deserve it.

2. From the Morgans

There's Harry's handwriting on the back of another postcard. We don't know who the recipient of the postcard is, but we can definitely make some guesses.

3. Bloody fingerprint

Whose fingerprint does this belong to? Maybe Dexter, or Harry? Also, you can easily notice in the image above that the postcard is damaged and looks old. Perhaps the recipient was Laura Moser, Dexter and Brian's biological mother, who was brutally murdered in 1973 right before her two sons' eyes.

4. Crime scenes

Inside the letters of the word "Miami," we can easily notice some crime scenes in famous Miami locations. One of them is on the iconic Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, outside Colony Hotel.

 Another is a crime scene with multiple victims outside a cafeteria.

5. LM - 1973

Last but not least, there is an element in the bottom right corner of the teaser image: a stack of floppy disks and the words "LM - 1973" written with a red marker on the index label. What do the initials LM mean? The answer is obviously Laura Moser. The year 1973 is when it all started for Dexter Moser. The year he witnessed his mother's murder, an event that would change his life forever and make him become Dexter Morgan, the avenging serial killer.

To sum everything up, this seems like an investigation about Laura Moser that takes place at Miami Metro, and all the evidence is placed on Harry's desk. We assume more cryptic teasers like this are coming from Showtime, and considering that they look awesome, they're more than welcome!

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