Trinity Killer Prequel Spin-off Reportedly No Longer Moving Forward at Showtime

Seems like "it's already over" for the Dexter prequel series based on Arthur Mitchell.

The Dexter prequel series focusing on the early years of the notorious 'Trinity Killer' is no longer in development. Showtime and Paramount+ have reportedly scrapped the idea of creating a series centered around Dexter's most infamous antagonist. The decision could be attributed to the absence of a compelling script or the crisis created by last year's writers and actors strike, which lasted for more than 140 days.

The Trinity Killer prequel was the first of the three spinoffs to be announced back in early February of 2023. In the press release Showtime issued on February 6th of that year, the 'young Arthur Mitchell' prequel was briefly mentioned, with the main focus being on the Dexter: Origins series and the New Blood sequel series.

via Feb. 6th press release: "In addition, SHOWTIME is exploring projects based on other characters from the DEXTER universe, such as the makings of the notorious Trinity Killer originally played by Emmy winner John Lithgow."

Let's see what unfolds with the New Blood sequel and the young Dexter prequel. The latter is rumored to start shooting in June, so we should expect casting news soon.

As for Showtime's decision regarding the Trinity Killer prequel, it's disappointing for fans who were looking forward to exploring that aspect of the Dexter universe. However, it's possible that the decision was made for valid creative or logistical reasons. It'll be interesting to see how the other projects develop and what new directions the Dexter franchise takes.

How do you feel about Showtime's decision regarding the Trinity Killer prequel?

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