Showtime/Paramount+ Creates Brand New 'Dexter' Dedicated Channel on YouTube

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America's favorite serial killer finally gets his own... YouTube channel! Almost 18 years after its first debut on Showtime, 'Dexter' now has a seperate channel on the popular video platform which counts 2.4K subscribers as we speak. Fun fact: The first video of the channel titled "Meet Dexter Morgan" was uploaded on February 6, 2024, exactly one year after the official announcement by Showtime and Paramount+ about the upcoming Dexter spinoffs. More and more videos will be coming as time goes by, according to Showtime.

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The channel made its first community post welcoming the fans just five days ago:


As Showtime's Dexter Season 4 posts on the network's social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook) start to reach a certain point, we're getting closer and closer to some highly anticipated news about the Dexter spin-offs. Stay tuned, Dexter fans!

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