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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Masuka Is Getting Married, Quinn Is Still Alive, and More - A Closer Look at Angel Batista's Emails!

What happened to our favorite characters after all these years?


David Zayas made another surprising appearance on the Dexter: New Blood, which according to some fans wasn't enough, as they expected a confrontation between Batista and Dexter. During "Sins of the Father" we see Batista who's now Captain at Miami Metro, receiving a late night call from Angela Bishop, about the Bay Harbor Butcher case. If you pause at the moment Angel checks Angela's message, you will see all the emails he received during that day, from main characters of the original series! Let's see what we learned about them, below!

Vincent Masuka is getting married! Shocking, right? The lead forensics specialist for the Miami Metro Police Department who offered to the viewers countless of funny moments during the eight-season run of the OG Dexter series, is now at his late 40s, and ready to tie the knot. His bachelor party is happening soon, so he's sending his invitations to his Miami Metro colleagues via email.

Joey Quinn is asking Batista if he will attend Masuka's bachelor party, and by the email preview we see that Angel replied "Not sure if we have a choice". Well, after the shocking events of the season finale, he has a choice. Perhaps Masuka's party and wedding will be postponed in wake of the Bay Harbor Butcher case breakthough.


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