Did Kurt Caldwell Kill Tess Silvera Off-Screen? Actress Gizel Jimenez Has The Answer!

A moment from the latest episode had everyone thinking she was killed by Kurt.


Tess Silvera is played by actress Gizel Jimenez and she's a cool and hard-working you girl that lives in Iron Lake, New York. She's a teacher and part-time bartender at the local tavern. During her on-screen time, Tess was quite supportive to Dexter, and she was the one who recommended a therapist for Harrison.

In the penultimate episode of Dexter: New Blood there was a scene that had everyone thinking Tess was an off-screen victim of Kurt. Was that girl really her? Spoiler warning for those who haven't seen the latest episode yet!

Dexter and Harrison made a gruesome and horrific discovery at Kurt's underground cavern. Every woman Kurt killed for the last 25 years was there, in his secret "Hall of Trophies", including Molly Park, the true-crime podcaster who was killed off-screen after the final scene of episode 7 "Skin of Her Teeth". 

But what about Tess Silvera? Did she die off-screen as well? As you can see in the photo below, the resemblance is... uncanny.


The answer is NO! She's not dead. The actress herself shared an Instagram story and clarified that Tess is still alive, and she will actually appear in the upcoming season finale!

Gizel Jimenez/Instagram

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