Dexter Fans Visit Dexter: New Blood Filming Locations In Shelburne Falls and Whately, MA! [Video]

"Iron Lake" has so much real snow this time around!

ReadySethGo/YouTube | Showtime

This nostalgic post-finale tour will make every hardcore Dexter fan jealous! Dexter: New Blood was shooting all the exterior Iron Lake scenes in the beautiful little town called Shelburne Falls, less than a year ago, in April 2021. The two-week production required hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights, tons of fake snow, and a lots of Christmas decorations.

Two Dexter fans visited the setting for the fictional Iron Lake, as well as Whately, MA (location for Kurt's diner) a couple of weeks ago and shared the video on YouTube. Let's see what the police department, Fred's Fish & Game, Gig's Butcher Shop, the Iron Lake Tavern and more look like in real life! Spoiler alert: The "Caldwell Truck Stop" sign is still there!

The tour begins at 1:36

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