Dexter: New Blood - The Writers of Episodes 4 and 6

The writers for "H is for Hero" and "End of the Road".


The 100th episode of Dexter "H Is for Hero" and episode 6 "End of the Road" are scheduled to be released on November 28th and December 12th respectively. Continue reading to find out who's writing these episodes.

Episode 4 "H is for Hero" is written by Tony Saltzman, new to the Dexter franchise. Some of his previous work on television includes shows such as 'Sacred Lies', Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie', Amazon Prime's 'Goliath', and AMC's 'Feed The Beast'.

Episode 6 "End of the Road" on the other hand, (previously known as "Too Many Tuna Sandwiches") is written by Scott Reynolds, and Warren Hsu Leonard writer of episode 2, 'Storm of Fuck'.

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