Julia Jones Teases Dexter: New Blood: "The Scripts Were Page Turners – Very Smart And Dark And Fun"

A new Julia Jones interview for Gio Journal.


Dexter: New Blood co-star Julia Jones who portrays Angela Bishop, aka the Chief of the Iron Lake P.D. and Jim Lindsay's girlfriend, talked about the upcoming season. Was she a Dexter fan before she was chosen for the revival? How did she prepare for the role? Read the interview below!

Gio Journal: Dexter, who knew! How cool they brought back such an amazing show. Did you watch the show in its heyday? Be honest, I’ll test you. lol

Julia Jones: I had heard wonderful things about the show but had never seen it. I actually decided not to watch it before we started filming but as soon as we wrapped, I binged all 8 seasons.

Gio Journal: What was your gut feeling after you read for the part? Did you think you nailed it?

Julia: I didn’t have to read. They sent me a number of scripts, which were page turners – very smart and dark and fun. There was talk of doing a chemistry test with Michael, but ultimately they just wound up offering it to me.

Gio Journal: In terms of preparation and research on the role, how does this role differ from past roles you’ve played?

Julia: My process was very different on this because of the way the season was shot. It’s 10 episodes, so approximately 600 pages of material, all of which we filmed as if it were one 10 hour movie. We also shot all of the exteriors first because it was winter and we needed the snow. This meant that within the first few weeks of shooting we were filming scenes that happened at the very end of the last episode. The majority of my preparation for Dexter was just reading the scripts over and over and over again. Getting it in you and trusting that it would come together and that you would be prepared.

Source: Gio Journal

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