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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Dexter Season 9 - A Glimpse At Michael C. Hall In New Set Photos

Michael C. Hall at the 'Iron Lake High School'.

Cameron Schuyler/Instagram

Dexter was once again shooting at the Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, Massachusetts this week, which now that it's closed for summer, has been transformed into 'Iron Lake High School'. You can see that Michael is having fun with other cast and crew members between takes. Loving the hairstyle. Reminds us of the good-old Dexter days!

Despite the fact the weather outside is hot (85 degrees) they managed to keep things... cool inside, so the actors can feel comfortable in their winter clothes. See more images below!

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

All these big AC tubes you see in the pics below, have been used quite a lot for various interior scenes in the last few months.

Ryan B. Cook/Instagram

Ryan B. Cook/Instagram

Ryan B. Cook/Instagram

Crew members!

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Friday, was puppy day on Dexter. Take a look at them! 😍

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