100 Days Left Until The Premiere Of Dexter: New Blood | Season 9

We're exactly 100 days away from the premiere of Dexter: New Blood.


Last Sunday, Showtime officially revealed that America's favorite serial killer Dexter, will be back on Sunday, November 7th, at 9pm or... in one hundred days from today. 

After Clyde Phillips' announcement at Sunday's Dexter Comic-Con panel that the new season won't be officially called 'Season 9', IMDb aka the online database of information related to films and TV programs, removed the season nine section from its official Dexter page and created a new one named 'Dexter: New Blood'.

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As you can see below, Dexter's new season is treated as an entire new series by IMDb too. Here's the main page for Dexter: New Blood in the popular website. 


Dexter: New Blood is expected to end in early 2022.

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