Dexter Season 9 Scoop And New Set Pics From The 'Bull Run' Tavern In Shirley, MA

Further information about the scenes filmed at the 'Bull Run' restaurant in Shirley.

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Filming for Dexter in the 'Bull Run' restaurant which is located in a little town in Middlesex County called Shirley, officially wrapped in May 28. Today we have for you more details on the key changes the crew members done to the building in order to film scenes, which character was involved in them and more.

Read more below, and beware of possible spoilers!

Dexter crew members blacked out the front of the Bull Run in Shirley to film a night scene in the tavern.

“A location scouting team just stopped by one day, then they came back with the producer and a few others. The script called for the main character to be staying at an old inn in upstate New York.

Sentinel & Enterprise

A Christmas scene was filmed in the taproom of the historic Bull Run restaurant in Shirley. The Dexter crew took down energy efficient LED lighting to put up incandescent lights, which look better on film. 

'Bull run' said that they're “not allowed to say by contract” what was filmed there specifically. The crew came in and set up the rooms, which took about a week, followed by five days of filming (May 21 through May 28). 

Sentinel & Enterprise

“It was a total transformation, they removed everything from our light fixtures and chandeliers to everything hanging on the walls and moved most of the tables and furniture out. They transformed our upstairs dining rooms back into small bedrooms.”

Sentinel & Enterprise

“The cast and crew were professional, polite and, most importantly to us, very respectful of our historic building and artifacts within it. They took great care with everything.”


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