Michael C. Hall Net Worth - What Was His Salary Per Episode On Dexter?

Let's take a look at Michael C. Hall's salary for playing our favorite serial killer.


Michael C. Hall returns to reprise his role as Dexter Morgan this fall. Going back to 2006, when the show started on Showtime, Dexter drew in millions of viewers for the pay television network Showtime, and its growing popularity led to him getting even larger paychecks. Check out below Michael's net worth, as well as his salary per episode!

Michael C. Hall's net worth currently is $25 million.

The middle seasons of Dexter (Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6) provided Michael with paychecks of around $150,000 per episode

For Season 7 and Season 8, Michael made $350,000 per episode. For both seasons, he received $8.5 million.

Considering the big success of the show and the fact that he actually agreed to reprise his role as Dexter Morgan after all these years, Michael C. Hall's salary will be much bigger for the upcoming 10 episodes of the revival.
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