Dexter Revival: On Set - Scott Reynolds And Director Marcos Siega Share Their Excitement For The New Season [Photos]

Last night was an incredible night for the cast and crew on the set!

The cast and crew of Dexter is back at filming the show after eight whole years. The circumstances are quite different this time, not only because of Corona. They're shooting in a whole new and cold location in Massachusetts filled with snow.

Earlier today, executive producer and writer Scott Reynolds shared a picture from the set of Dexter's new season, after an exchausting day of shooting. Check out the pics right below, and beware of possible minor spoilers!

via Scott Reynolds' Instagram: "Midnight. Walking back to base camp to go home after an epic day of shooting #Dexter. An incredible day of shooting thanks to the cast and crew constantly bringing their A-game on a wintry week".

Then, Marcos Siega who returns to direct six episodes of the upcoming revival after twelve whole years, responds: "Doing what we love, working off of these fantastic scripts, is a real blessing!"

Really exciting to read all these! 😊

View below, a bunch of photos Marcos Siega shared on his Instagram account, from the set of the ninth season of Dexter. It's not quite clear what these scenes are about, but it's worth seeing the hard work of the cast and crew, behind the scenes.

BONUS! Take a look below, at all these tagged names of actors who will appear in the Dexter Revival. All of them are new, right? Or maybe not! 😁

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