Marcos Siega (Seasons 2-4) Returns to Executive Produce and Direct Six Episodes of the Dexter Revival

Another big return from earlier seasons of Dexter! Marcos Siega, director from seasons 2, 3 and 4 will be back to the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Siega will direct and executive produce six(!) episodes of the Revival. On Dexter he's mostly known for directing episodes such as: Left Turn Ahead (Season 2 finale) - Resistance Is Futile (Season 2) - Waiting to Exhale (Season 2), I Had A Dream (Season 3) - The Damage A Man Can Do (Season 3) - Turning Biminese (Season 3) - Finding Freebo (Season 3)  Blinded by the Light (Season 4) - Living the Dream (Season 4). 

Netflix's "You", CW's "The Vampires Diaries" are some of his recent works. Welcome back to Dexter, Marcos Siega!
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