POLL: Dexter Revival - Are 10 Episodes Enough, Or It Needs More Seasons?

Is Season 9 enough? Or 'Dexter' needs more episodes to tell its story after the 10-year time jump?

Dexter returns in fall 2021 on Showtime as a limited 10-episode series. Michael C. Hall will reprise his role as America's favorite serial killer again, seven years after the finale. After 96 episodes do you think that the upcoming 10 episodes are enough to tell Dexter's story for (maybe) one last time? 

There are plenty of examples from anthology series and mini-series, like Fargo, True Detective, The Undoing, American Horror Story and others, that actually prove that ten, or less episodes are more than enough to unfold new stories, introduce characters etc. Do you think a single 'Dexter' season can achieve that too? Vote in our poll below!

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