Michael C. Hall Sings Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine" on Tits of Clay Belasco EP - Available on CD, Vinyl and iTunes

Few months back Michael C. Hall's role as Hedwig on 'Headwig and the Angry Inch' was a hit. One of his performances on the show of him singing Bob Dylan's 'I'll Keep With Mine', will be available on CD, Vinyl, and in digital form via iTunes. Out on 9/11. Click here and here for more.

Tits of Clay is an alter ego for the band that plays the Angry Inch on Broadway. A mostly punk rock cover group, Tits of Clay have been referred to as the punk rock Sha-na-na! Over the past year they’ve performed with Neil Patrick Harris, Fred Schneider, David Johansen, Michael C. Hall, Theo Kogan and Chantal Claret…. A Pledge Music campaign was run to raise money to make an EP called “Belasco” the name of the theater Hedwig plays in, as well as the man who built the theater (the legend is that David Belasco still haunts the theater, though as much as we’ve tried to taunt him we’ve yet to see anything!)

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