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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paramount to Release Compilation of Dexter's 'Most Shocking Episodes' on DVD

"DEXTER, one of Showtime's most watched original series, returns with a compilation of MOST SHOCKING EPISODES - assembled with the most stunning episodes across all seasons to keep you on the edge of your seat. 10 episodes featuring America's favorite serial killer on TV!

Led by an amazing performance by Golden Globe winning actor Michael C. Hall ("Six Feet Under"), Dexter is one of the most critically acclaimed, must-see shows on television! Featuring a vicious sociopath as the series' hero and star, this unique crime drama makes for a horrifying and intoxicating collection."

Paramount Home Media Distribution is preparing a 3-DVD set of Dexter - The Most Shocking Episodes. This March 17th release comes with 10 of the show's most thrilling episodes, for folks who want to get a taste of what everyone's been talking about for all these years. Pricing and package art haven't been finalized yet.

Which 10 episodes do you think will be included in this DVD box set? Leave your comments below!

Thanks to Fiona for the heads up! | [Source]

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