Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 3 "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?" [Open Thread]

"I consume everyone I love". The third episode of the eighth and final season aired on Sunday night. The episode is called "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?" and focuses on Dexter and Deb's relationaship, Vogel, the Brain Surgeon and a cannibal. Skip the jump to read our thoughts on the episode, vote and discuss it, (in case you didn't).

So... what's eating Dexter Morgan? A lot of things! Read below some thoughts about the episode.

+The episode begins with Harrison. We had to see him since the premiere, loved that particular scene with the popsicles!

+Quinn asks Deb about the reason she's a mess. She avoids to answer.

+Vogel receives a message in her phone. When she opens the door of her house she finds two gift-wrapped boxes which contain two pieces of brain.

+Dexter tells Vogel that Deb already knows who Dexter really is.

+Dexter and Deb are having a conversation at Elway's office. They agree to have a dinner.

+Batista tells Matthews that he has his eye to Quinn for Sergeant's promotion. Matthews disagrees, he says that he's not Sergeant material.

+What's going on between Deb and Elway?

+Ron Galuzzo is Dexter's suspect for the 'Brain Surgeon' case. And according to Dexter's instincts, he's hiding something.

+Dexter meets Vogel at her apartment. She asks him why she didn't kill Deb when she found out about him. Dex looks surprised by this question, and tells her what he loves about his sister.

+Batista is asking questions to Quinn about Sergeant's exam. Quinn seems bored. LOL at the moment when he gives a wrong answer. Jamie finds out that Quinn's still interested in Deb and gets mad.

+Deb and Dexter are out for a dinner. Dex shows her the video which was the reason she got promoted to Lieutenant. He also tells her that she's a good person.

+Dexter finds out that Galuzzo is a cannibal. He's so disgusted at the sight of the cooked body members!

+Deb decides to confess. She tells Quinn that she killed LaGuerta (!!!). Quinn doesn't believes her, he goes with her to the interrogation room, and then calls Dexter.

+When Deb sees Vogel and Dexter she starts yelling. Dex uses a half dose of M99 to stop her.
"That was interesting". -Vogel

+Right after the incident at the station Dex leaves Deb with Vogel. He puts handcuffs on her because she may be pissed when she wakes up.

+The episode ends with Ron Galuzzo aka the cannibal on Dexter's table.

-"What Eating Dexter Morgan?" was 10 minutes shorter than usual. We wanted more!

-I would love to see more cannibal in that episode.

Grade: 9,0/10

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