Filming Dexter Season 8 - Twitter Scoop From the Set

Production for the final episode of Dexter, has already begun, and this week was pretty difficult for some cast members of the show. Goodbyes, teasers and a bunch of cool tweets are waiting you after the jump. Beware of possible spoilers!

Jennifer Carpenter on the last Dexter read-through ever:

Taking a break from the set, for the read-through:

She also teased the final episode of Dexter:


...and again!

Aimee Garcia and Jadon Wells on the set of Dexter on Monday 6/24.

Jadon Wells aka the new Harrison Morgan, has his own Twitter account and shared few thing from the set!

Aimee Garcia last day on the set was on Friday! Goodbye Aimee!

Costume designer of Dexter, on the first day of shooting episode 8.12:

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