David Zayas, C.S. Lee and James Remar Spill Details About Their Roles In The Final Season of Dexter

EW has some details from the Miami Metro Team of Dexter, David Zayas, C.S. Lee and James Remar about their characters in the upcoming final season. Hit the jump to get all the scoop!

What does the final season of Showtime’s Dexter hold for the intrepid Miami Metro team? First, there’s a new “Big Bad” this season dubbed The Brain Surgeon (he removes little pieces of his victim’s brains, you see). Plus, there’s the matter of Capt. Maria LaGuerta’s death in last season’s finale at the hands of Debra. That storyline initially takes a backseat since Miami Metro thinks it’s a closed case and doesn’t realize Deb and Dex were involved. But somehow we suspect her case won’t remain shut all season. Here’s some relatively spoiler-free (this is what you learn at the start of the season) teases from Dexter‘s supporting players.

Det. Sgt. Angel Batista (David Zayas): The good-hearted investigator was planning to retire last season and run a restaurant. But LaGuerta’s death changed that plan. “He’s back this season, especially with the revelation of LaGuerta’s death,” Zayas says. “He’s going to have an interesting way of dealing with certain things.” Zayas doesn’t know how the season ends, but hopes his character eventually learns Dexter’s secret and, when he does, that Batista will “maintain his dignity, maintain his honesty, hopefully do the right thing. I feel like Batista has a big heart, which sometimes leads to bad choices as well as good ones. But hopefully when and if the truth comes out he’ll handle it like a professional.” Zayas says his reaction to the show concluding was initially sadness, but notes, “It’s also a wonderful way to end the series while it’s still on top. It was a great experience and I learned a lot and made a lot of life-long friends.”

Forensic investigator Vince Masuka (C.S. Lee): Lee points out he’s held a very unique position on Dexter. As the comic relief, his pervy character has managed to skate blissfully around all the life-and-death drama that’s impacted all the other characters on the show. But perhaps as a result of that, we’ve also never really seen anything of Masuka’s personal life. That’s going to change in season eight, when Masuka learns something about his past. “There’s going to be some personal stuff you’ll see from Masuka that you haven’t seen before,” he teases. “It has something to do with his personal life that people have wondered about.” Lee hopes his character eventually finds a partner on the show. “He’s a romantic at heart, really,” Lee says. “He loves women, he loves people. I think the best way for him to end up is to find a girlfriend or get married.” Lee notes, “It would be nice to go another year or so, but it all comes down to the story they want to go with and eight seasons is fine.”

Harry Morgan (James Remar): Dex’s deceased father is part of Miami Metro too — or was, at least (Harry might as well be still on the beat considering how often he pops up). But this season we’ll see flashbacks to Dexter’s youth showing how Harry formed The Code that Dex uses to manage his psychotic impulses. “We get to see Harry as the real person, not just as he exists in Dexter’s mind,” says Remar, who notes that he plays the character differently in flashbacks vs. when he’s appearing as Dexter’s projection. “I have to tread the line where I don’t become differentiated from Dexter,” he says. “I play it like I’m speaking in his voice, in his memory — that’s Dexter talking to himself filtered through the voice of Harry. So I have to be careful not to be too much of my own person. When I play the character in flashback he’s slightly different.” Remar says the show ending is “very sad,” and noted, “We formed a beautiful family here. We’re making a great show that has a strong audience. I’m not happy seeing it end.” We also asked Remar if he feels any pressure to keep his appearance the exact same — since it wouldn’t make sense for Harry’s ghost to age. “It’s the miracle of makeup,” he says. “We all age but, we’ve all aged together. So it’s kind of imperceptible. You look at the first season we look substantially younger. I’m not running out to get a face lift!”

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