Aimee Garcia Teases What's In Store For Jamie On Dexter's Final Season

Dexter co-star Aimee Garcia talks with Zap2it about Jamie, and her whole different side of her this season. Spoilers ahead.

"We get more insight as to who Jamie is outside of her nanny duties," says Garcia. "We get to explore her relationship with her brother, Batista, and love might definitely be in the air for Season 8 for her. She's young and fun and flirty, so yeah, you'll get to see more of her romantic, sexual side for sure."

Is it love between Jamie and Dexter? No. Her "love goggles" for Dexter are strictly like those of an adoring younger sister.

"Dexter trusts his most precious possession, which is Harrison, to Jamie, so that tells a lot about how trustworthy and loyal she is as a person," says Garcia. "Jamie has love goggles for Dexter. She's just completely blinded by the love that she has for Dexter and, as we saw in Season 8, he considers her part of the family -- she shared Christmas dinner with him and Hannah and Harrison". Read the rest after the jump.

"She really is the closest thing he has to a wife, she runs his personal life. She's really instrumental to letting him be the vigilante that he is," Garcia adds. "Her relationship with Dexter [in Season 8] definitely becomes much more of a friend situation. She's actually really happy that he found someone he really likes [in Hannah]."

The big cliffhanger for Season 7 was Deb shooting LaGuerta after LaGuerta finally, officially knew about Dexter's other life. Garcia tells us that LaGuerta's death is obviously going to have a huge affect on her on-screen brother Angel.

"He's really heavy of heart, LaGuerta was a dear friend to him - his ex-wife, his partner. It definitely affects Angel and you're going to see him making some big decisions because of LaGuerta's death. ... Jamie is a really good sister to him and is definitely there to support him," says Garcia.

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