14 Bloodthirsty Secrets From the Set of Dexter

via buzzfeed.com by Erin La Rosa: "Last week I visited the set of Dexter, which is in the midst of filming its eighth and final season, with the premiere coming up on June 30. Joshua Meltzer, the Prop Master on Dexter (photo), who’s been with the show since season 1 and was made Prop Master in season 3, has had previous gigs on The Vampire Diaries and Reno 911!. But on Dexter, he’s the man behind the look of some of the most memorable kills — the Trinity Killer, the death of Rita — in the series, and he takes his responsibilities very seriously.

“The look of this show is so incredibly important to the fans — they expect something from this show,” he said.

Meltzer gave me a tour of the show’s prop room and costume trailer, as well as the iconic sets of Dexter’s apartment, the Miami Metro police station, and even Dexter’s lab." Skip the jump to peek at some Dexter magic...

1. Dexter uses two syringe needles when he’s tranquilizing his victims.

One is a real needle with a sharp point, which is what we see. The other has a retractable needle, which is what Dexter “punctures” the skin with.

So when you see Dexter “stab” someone with a needle, the point retracts back into the syringe. That way the actor won’t actually get stabbed in the neck. Good thing those needles are labeled, is all I have to say.

Bonus: The syringes are kept in the prop truck under lock and key — that way no one but Michael C. Hall will ever get to them.

2. There’s a secret recipe for the blood used on set…

And it’s Meltzer’s own special blend of maple syrup, food coloring, peppermint oil, and Dawn dish soap. “The blood is made from maple syrup, because it has a thicker texture and cleans up easier than corn syrup,” he said. “If we use blood outside, flying things like wasps and bees that are drawn to the syrup don’t like peppermint. So if you put in some peppermint oil, you won’t have a problem.”

He added, “There’s nothing worse than someone lying next to a pool of blood, and all of a sudden they’re worried about being stung.” Sounds like serial killer problems to me.

Why the dish soap? Adding that in helps the fake blood wash easily out of clothes. (A neat monster like Dexter would approve.)

3. When Dexter collects a blood sample, it’s that same maple syrup blend.

But when we see the slide in its case, the finished product is actually made from furniture dye.

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